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Over the past ten years, Theater of War Productions has established a roster of over 20 projects, each providing a nuanced approach to pressing public health and social justice issues.

  • The Drum Major Instinct

    Dramatic Reading of The Drum Major Instinct, by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Directed by Bryan Doerries

    Composed and Arranged by Phil Woodmore

    Commissioned by BRIC, The Drum Major Instinct engages audiences in dialogue about racism, inequality, and social justice. The performance features a dramatization of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s final sermon, embodied by prominent actors and supported by a large gospel choir, composed of singers, activists, police officers, and musicians from St. Louis, MO, and Brooklyn, NY.

    John Leggette sings in The Drum Major Instinct photo by Gregg Richards
  • Frederick Douglass

    Directed by Bryan Doerries

    with original music by Phil Woodmore

    Frederick Douglass is a project that presents dramatic readings of Douglass' speeches by professional actors as a catalyst for powerful dialogue about racism, inequality, civil rights, education, and the legal system with the objective of fostering compassion, understanding, and positive action.

    Freedmans Frederick Douglass