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Antigone in Ferguson at St. Ann's Church photo by Gregg Richards

Theater of War Productions and Brooklyn Public Library announced an extended 10-week run of FREE performances of Theater of War Productions’ original project, Antigone in Ferguson, exclusively supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The partnership builds on the organizations’ mission to engage diverse communities in discussions on the urgent issues of our time and to expand access to community-based services and resources across the five boroughs. Antigone in Ferguson opens on Wednesday, May 8 and continues through Saturday, July 13, 2019 at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn (157 Montague St.). The 800-seat church will provide thousands of audience members the opportunity to join the public conversation and raise awareness of timely social issues.

For the past two years, Brooklyn Public Library has served as a key partner in Theater of War Productions’ tenure as Public Artist in Residence for the Department of Veterans’ Services through the Department of Cultural Affair’s Public Artist in Residence program (PAIR). BPL will continue to provide critical support in marketing, audience curation, impact assessment and contribute to the development of new projects. In addition, through the ongoing partnership Theater of War Productions will extend its projects to an even broader cross-section of New Yorkers, engaging residents with artistic programming that is designed to destigmatize conversations around mental health, reduce isolation, promote greater connection among community members, and inspire positive action.

Following its longstanding support of Theater of War Productions, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) will exclusively support the 10-week run of Antigone in Ferguson at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, providing free access to 50 performances for all attendees. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation will also provide generous lead support for the Theater of War Productions and Brooklyn Public Library partnership and was the sole supporter of Theater of War Productions’ two-year PAIR residency and the previous five-week run of Antigone in Ferguson at Harlem Stage.

Antigone in Ferguson was conceived in the wake of Michael Brown’s death in 2014, through a collaboration between Theater of War Productions and community members from Ferguson, MO. Translated and directed by Theater of War Productions Artistic Director Bryan Doerries and composed by Phil Woodmore, the project fuses a dramatic reading by leading actors of excerpts from Sophocles’ Greek tragedy with live choral music performed by a choir of activists, police officers, youth, and concerned citizens from Ferguson and New York City. The performance is the catalyst for panel and audience-driven discussions about racialized violence, structural oppression, misogyny, gender violence, and social justice, which serve as the core component of the event.

Antigone in Ferguson at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church

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Tow St Annes 606

Jumaane Williams and Chris Noth

St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church / 2019

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams plays Haemon, Chris Noth plays Creon in the first week of the 10 week Run of Antigone in Ferguson at St. Ann's.

Tow St Annes 210

Diamond Jones as Antigone

Marjolaine Goldsmith Ismene Diamond Jones Antigone

Marjolaine Goldsmith as Ismene Diamond Jones as Antigone

De Rance Blaylock Daniel Mcrath And Gheremi Clay Singing

De-Rance Blaylock, Daniel McRath, and Gheremi Clay Singing

Tow St Annes 486

Chris Noth as Creon

The Choir Photo by Gregg Richards


Dates: May 8-July 13, 2019 Wednesday through Saturday

Time: 7:00pm Saturdays: 2:00pm and 7:00pm

Runtime: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Location: St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, 157 Montague St. between Henry St. and Clinton St.

Tickets: Tickets are FREE but RSVP is encouraged.
For inquiries, please contact (917) 426-3233 or

Translated and Directed by Bryan Doerries

Music Composed and Conducted by Phil Woodmore

In association with THE OFFICE performing arts + film

Antigone in Ferguson is made possible with the exclusive support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Rotating Cast

  • Diamond Jones Headshot

    Diamond Jones

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  • Chris Noth Headshot

    Chris Noth

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  • Jumaane Williams New Headshot Photo Credit Caroll Campus

    Jumaane Williams

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  • Ww Headshot 4

    Willie Woodmore

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  • Marjolaine Goldsmith Headshot

    Marjolaine Goldsmith

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  • Chad L Cole Benjo Arwas 17 cropped copy

    Chad Coleman

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  • Amy Ryan Photo by Ali Smith

    Amy Ryan

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  • Obi Abili Headshot

    Obi Abili

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    Zach Grenier

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    Linda Powell

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    John Doman

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  • Josh Hamilton

    Josh Hamilton

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    Harris Yulin

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  • Chinaza Uche Headshot

    Chinaza Uche

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  • David Strathairn

    David Strathairn

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  • David Zayas Headshot

    David Zayas

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  • Dominic Dupont Facilitates At Hercules In Red Hook

    Dominic Dupont

    Community Liaison

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  • De Andrea Blaylock Johnson Co Facilitates The Drum Major Instinct

    De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson

    LCSW and Sex Therapist, St. Louis, MO

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    Hailey Nolasco

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