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Mothers of The Movement

Theater of War Productions in partnership with The Brooklyn Rail present:

Mothers of the Movement: Gwen Carr and Valerie Bell

A conversation with Gwen Carr—mother of Eric Garner, author of This Stops Today—and Valerie Bell—mother of Sean Bell, author of Just 23—about their tireless work as Mothers of the Movement to end police violence.

Co-hosted by Dominic Dupont and Bryan Doerries of Theater of War Productions as part of The New Social Environment’s Common Ground Series. Featuring National Student Poet of the West, Manasi Garg, reading her poem "For Tamir Rice."

My son was murdered in 2014. George Floyd was murdered in 2020. Those were not the only two murders that happened. Every time that you hear another black unarmed man being killed, shot in the back, or banged up against the sidewalk, or tased to death, you say, ‘Oh my God, that’s my son again.
Gwen Carr

Mothers of The Movement: October 15th

Mothers of The Movement

A conversation with Gwen Carr and Valerie Bell about their tireless work as Mothers of the Movement.

On Zoom / 2020

Watch the full event from October 15th.

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