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About the project

Bill Camp

Acts of Violence

Dramatic Reading of Thyestes, by Seneca

Translated and Directed by Bryan Doerries

Acts of Violence presents scenes from Seneca's Thyestes, a Roman tragedy that was written during the gruesome reign of Nero, as a catalyst for town hall discussions about the impact of political violence upon individuals, families, caregivers, health and human rights advocates, communities, and nations.

If nothing moves the gods,
if there is no retribution left
in this world of endless re-
taliation, then let the sun stay
away forever so the light of day
will never shine upon these crimes.
Thyestes by Seneca
Paul Giamatti Performs Tow

About the play

  • Thyestes by Seneca

    Authored in secrecy by Nero’s closest advisor, Seneca, at the height of his monstrous crimes against his family and humanity, Thyestes depicts extreme acts of political violence and vengeance during a tumultuous transfer of power, proving an ancient perspective on contemporary social issues.

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