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About the project

Frances Mcdormand Plays Tecmessa

The Tecmessa Project

Dramatic Reading of Ajax, by Sophocles

Translated and Directed by Bryan Doerries

The Tecmessa Project presents readings of Sophocles’s Ajax, an ancient play about the visible and invisible wounds of war, as the catalyst for discussions focusing on the unique challenges faced by military family members, including couples, children, caregivers, and communities. This project is designed to promote understanding, compassion, and positive action.

I am the proud mother of a Marine and the wife of a Navy SEAL. My husband went away four times to war and—just like Ajax—he came back dragging invisible bodies into our house. The war came home with him. And to quote from the play, ‘Our home is a slaughterhouse.’
Marcelle Waddell, San Diego, CA 2008

About the play

  • Ajax by Sophocles

    Written in 5th Century B.C., Sophocles’ tragedy follows Ajax, a Greek warrior who falls into an interminable depression. Coping with the death of great warrior and friend, Achilles, Ajax is slighted when Achilles’ armor is unjustly awarded to the poet Odysseus instead. Ajax becomes furious and driven into madness resolves to murder those responsible for this decision but is put under a spell by the goddess Athena and massacres innocent cattle and herdsmen in his confusion. His family and friends attempt to console him, but filled with shame and remorse for his actions, Ajax ultimately commits suicide.


The Tecmessa Project

The Tecmessa Project

The Greene Space WNYC & WQXR / 2018

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