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Crowd In Howard Playground Brownsville Ny At Antigone In Ferguson

Theater of War Productions works with leading film, theater, and television actors to present dramatic readings of seminal plays—from classical Greek tragedies to modern and contemporary works—followed by town hall-style discussions designed to confront social issues by drawing out raw and personal reactions to themes highlighted in the plays. The guided discussions underscore how the plays resonate with contemporary audiences and invite audience members to share their perspectives and experiences, and, helping to break down stigmas, foster empathy, compassion, and a deeper understanding of complex issues.

In an effort to reach communities directly, Theater of War Productions partners with a range of organizations and government agencies including the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the U.S. Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, United Services Organization, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and Department of Veterans Services. Additionally, the company also works with universities, museums, theaters, veterans’ organizations and advocacy groups, homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals, mental health facilities, and activist groups. Notable artists who have performed with Theater of War Productions include Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Jeffrey Wright, Adam Driver, Jesse Eisenberg, Paul Giamatti, Jake Gyllenhaal, Alfred Molina, Samira Wiley, and others.

Theater of War Productions was co-founded in 2009 by Bryan Doerries and Phyllis Kaufman, who served as producing director from 2009 to 2016. Doerries currently serves as the company's artistic director. Since its founding in 2009, Theater of War Productions has facilitated events for more than 500,000 people, presenting over 20 tailored programs to serve diverse communities across the globe, reaching over 100 countries.