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About the project

Actor Adam Driver Performs Rum And Vodka Credit Lance Cpl  Sarah Wolff Diaz

Rum and Vodka

Dramatic Reading of Rum and Vodka, by Conor Mcpherson

Directed by Bryan Doerries

Bringing to life Conor McPherson’s one-man play that speaks to the devastating effects of alcohol abuse, a dramatized reading by professional actors provokes discussions about addiction within diverse communities, including military installations, aircraft carriers, university campuses, and VA hospitals.

The part that struck me was the moment on the floor in his child's room. As a new father, that moment really hit me.
Audience Member, Marine Corps Base Quantico, 2012
Rum and Vodka presented at Marine Barracks, Washington, DC (8th and I)

About the play

  • Rum and Vodka by Conor Mcpherson

    Rum and Vodka tells the story of a 24-year-old man living in Dublin, whose life is falling apart, in large part due to his drinking. But drinking, he believes, is the only way he can cope with his shame, anger, and an overwhelming feeling of being trapped in a life he did not choose for himself. The story follows the young man on a three-day bender, during which time he loses his job, cheats on his wife, and nearly destroys his family.

Rum and Vodka Highlights

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Img 4090
Rum and Vodka

Performance aboard Navy aircraft carrier

USS George Washington / 2016

Img 5635
Rum and Vodka

Performance for Marine Helicopter One (HMX-1)

Marine Corps Headquarters, Quantico, VA / 2018

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