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Over the past ten years, Theater of War Productions has established a roster of over 20 projects, each providing a nuanced approach to pressing public health and social justice issues.

  • End of Life

    Dramatic Reading of Women of Trachis + Philoctetes, by Sophocles

    Translated and Directed by Bryan Doerries

    End of Life presents readings of ancient Greek plays in public settings and medical communities as a catalyst for facilitated discussions about challenges faced by patients, families, and health professionals today around end of life care. This unique, participatory event is intended to promote powerful, open discussion among diverse communities - public and professional - fostering compassion, cooperation, and understanding about living with chronic suffering and the mortality we all share.

    Frances McDormand
  • King Lear Project

    Dramatic Reading of King Lear, by William Shakespeare

    Adapted and Directed by Bryan Doerries

    The King Lear Project presents streamlined readings of scenes from Shakespeare’s King Lear to engage diverse audiences, including the elderly, their families, and caregivers, in open, healing, constructive discussions about the challenges of aging, dementia, and caring for senior citizens.

    Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, and Kathryn Erbe photo by Gregg Richards
  • Theater of War for Medical Communities

    Dramatic Reading of Ajax, by Sophocles

    Translated, Directed, and Facilitated by Bryan Doerries

    Theater of War: Ajax, has been presented to professional medical communitiesto spark candid dialogue and reflection about the unique challenges andstressors faced by medical students and professionals, as well as the lasting impact of physician suicides upon individuals, institutions, and


    Tow Medical Highlight