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Theater of Law at Georgetown Law

Translated and Directed by Bryan Doerries

A Collaboration with The Forum on Law, Culture, & Society at NYU School of Law

About the play

  • Eumenides by Aeschylus

    Aeschylus’ Eumenides dramatizes the trial of Orestes, a young man who is tormented by the avenging Furies after killing his mother Clytemnestra in retaliation for his father Agamemnon’s death. Orestes seeks refuge in the temple of Apollo, who brings him to Athens and defends him before a jury of twelve Athenians. The goddess Athena hears arguments from both sides, including the forceful prosecution of the Furies, who maintain that the social order of the city will unravel if the matricide goes unpunished. Ultimately, after the jury is hung, Athena casts the deciding vote, acquitting Orestes of his crime and, after doing so, she must also find a way to appease the avenging Furies, so that their violent and destructive anger is not unleashed upon the city.

Cast Members

  • Obi Abili Headshot

    Obi Abili

  • Elizabeth Marvel Headshot

    Elizabeth Marvel

  • Linda Powell Headshot

    Linda Powell

  • David Strathairn Headshot

    David Strathairn

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