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The Suppliants Project at Andrew Freedman Home

Translated and Directed by Bryan Doerries

The Suppliants Project tells the timeless story of fifty female refugees seeking asylum at a border from forced marriage and domestic violence. The play not only depicts the struggle of these women to cross into safety, but also the internal struggle within the city that ultimately receives them. Using a 2,500-year-old tragedy by Aeschylus as a catalyst for powerful gatherings and crucial conversations, The Suppliants Project engages diverse audiences in humanizing, constructive dialogue about the challenges of the current immigration crisis and its impact upon all that it touches.

Featuring a chorus of Garifuna singers, musicians, and performers from Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala

Translated and Directed by Bryan Doerries

James Lovell: Music Director and Garifuna Translation

Alex Kwabena Colon-Olaniyan: Spanish Translation and Drummer

Paula Castillo: Lead Vocalist

Dorina Castillo: Organizer and Performer

Teese Gohl: Music Consultant

About the play

  • The Suppliants by Aeschylus

    In Aeschylus’ ancient play The Suppliants, fifty women who are fleeing forced marriages travel from Egypt to Argos in order to ask King Pelasgus for asylum. At first, Pelasgus refuses to help them, but the Argive people rally behind the women and convince their king to allow the refugees to remain under the city’s protection. When a large group of Egyptian men arrive in Argos, demanding their women back, King Pelasgus threatens them and summons his army to drive them away. The play ends with the women retreating to safety and finding asylum within the walls of Argos.

Cast Members

  • David Zayas Headshot

    David Zayas

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