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TAPE Henry Street Settlement

Directed by Bryan Doerries

About the play

  • Tape by Stephen Belber

    Two best friends from high school—Jon and Vince—reunite ten years later at a motel in Michigan. Over the course of an evening, Vince pressures Jon to admit that he date-raped Amy Randall, a girl they both dated in high school, only then to reveal that he has recorded their entire conversation. Vince then uses the tape to force Jon to personally apologize to Amy that evening, after inviting her to join them for dinner. Differing memories of the event collide, and the complexities and social pressures of the relationships are revisited, in a final confrontation in which Jon, Amy, and Vince argue over the truth of what happened that night.

Cast Members

  • Chinasa Ogbuagu Headshot

    Chinasa Ogbuagu

  • Chinaza Uche Headshot

    Chinaza Uche

  • Alex Morf Headshot

    Alex Morf

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