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Antigone in Ferguson at Harlem Stage Gregg Richards

Antigone in Ferguson fuses dramatic readings of Sophocles’ Antigone by acclaimed actors (including Samira Wiley, Tamara Tunie, Paul Giamatti, Frankie Faison, and others) with live choral music performed by a diverse choir, including activists, youth, teachers, police officers, and concerned citizens from Ferguson, Missouri and New York City, culminating in powerful, healing discussions about race and social justice.

The project ran for five weeks—September 13, 2018 to October 13, 2018—at Harlem Stage’s historic gatehouse theater. All tickets were free, and we conducted heavy outreach to youth and other underserved communities in Harlem and throughout the city, as well as provided transportation to and from HarlemStage for select groups.

This production of Antigone in Ferguson was exclusively supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation whose generous support made it possible for audiences to experience this critical work, free of charge, at Harlem Stage.

Antigone in Ferguson at Harlem Stage Highlights

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House Seats: Antigone in Ferguson

All Arts / 2019

Experience a powerful fusion of Sophocles’ classic tragedy, Antigone, with live music from a contemporary gospel choir and highly personal community discussion. This multifaceted production explores themes of tragedy, trauma and social justice, and shows us that a 2500-year-old play is still relevant today. The all-star ensemble of actors includes Samira Wiley, Chris Noth and Tamara Tunie. Watch the full episode.

Meet the Antigone in Ferguson Choir:

Lt. Latricia Allen

St. Louis, MO / 2018

Meet the Antigone in Ferguson Choir:

Marcelle Davies-Lashley

Brooklyn, NY / 2018

Meet the Antigone in Ferguson Choir:

Duane Foster

St. Louis, MO / 2018

Meet the Antigone in Ferguson Choir:

De-Rance Blaylock

Normandy High School

Meet the Antigone in Ferguson Choir:

De Andrea Blaylock-Johnson

Ferguson, MO / 2018

Meet the Antigone in Ferguson Choir:

Willie Wooodmore

Saint Peters, MO / 2018

De-Rance Blaylock sings at Harlem Stage Photo by Gregg Richards

A Chorus Remembers Michael Brown in 'Antigone in Ferguson'

"It felt as if any barriers between the pity and terror evoked by atrocities of ancient days, and yesterday and tomorrow, never really existed. A chorus, whatever form it takes, is always with us, to witness and
remind." — Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Marcelle Davies Lashley sings at Harlems Stage Photo by Gregg Richards

Michael Brown and the Raw Power of 'Antigone in Ferguson'

"‘Antigone in Ferguson’ distills the Greek tragedy as a commentary on the urgent questions — including around police brutality and racism — resulting from the death of Michael Brown." — Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast

Marcelle Davies Lashley sings at Harlems Stage Photo by Gregg Richards


  • Dominic Dupont Facilitates At Hercules In Red Hook

    Dominic Dupont

    Community Liaison

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  • De Andrea Blaylock Johnson Co Facilitates The Drum Major Instinct

    De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson

    LCSW and Sex Therapist, St. Louis, MO

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  • Tamara Tunie Headshot

    Tamara Tunie

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  • Tate Donovan Headshot

    Tate Donovan

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  • Zach Grenier Headshot

    Zach Grenier

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  • Samira Wiley Headshot

    Samira Wiley

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    Reynaldo Piniella

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  • Marjolaine Goldsmith Headshot

    Marjolaine Goldsmith

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  • Frankie Faison Headshot

    Frankie Faison

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    Eisa Davis

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  • David Patrick Kelly Headshot Photo Credit Zen Lael

    David Patrick Kelly

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  • Chris Noth Headshot

    Chris Noth

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  • Myers Chris Headshot

    Chris Myers

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  • Chinaza Uche Headshot

    Chinaza Uche

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    Chinasa Ogbuagu

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