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Theater of War: CENTCOM

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Tue, Jun 29.2021

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Theater of War is a live, interactive, online suicide prevention training that presents acclaimed actors performing scenes from Sophocles’ Ajax—an ancient play about the suicide of a great, respected warrior—as a catalyst for guided audience discussions about suicide, combat stress, moral injury, alcohol and substance abuse, and the impact of deployment and military service on individuals, families, and communities. Using Sophocles' plays to forge a common vocabulary for open dialogue, these events are aimed at generating compassion and understanding between diverse audiences. Each performance is followed by community panelist remarks and a facilitated town hall discussion.

Cast Members

  • Taylor Schilling Headshot

    Taylor Schilling

  • Nyasha Hatendi Headshot

    Nyasha Hatendi

  • David Denman Headshot

    David Denman

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