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Theater of War

Theater of War: Soldiers & Citizens Tour Press

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Houses of Worship Can Help Veterans
by Robert Patterson

Bristol Meyers Squibb Foundation Annual Report
“Theater of War Helps Returning Soldiers Heal Invisible Wounds”

The Anchorage Press
“Healing Power of Theater: Theater of War Soldiers & Citizens Tour Comes to Anchorage”
by Geoff Kirsch

The Concord Monitor
“Dramatic reading of ‘Ajax’ held in Bow”
by Susan Doucet

The Missourian
“MU to host live performance, panel discussion emphasizing veterans’ health”
by Sarah Kloepple

Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs News
“War, wounds and words: Setting the stage for post-combat life”
by Vaughn R. Larson

US Army Central
“Centuries-old tragedy opens personal dialogue on military suicides”
by Tech. Sgt. Ted Nichols

Lebanon Daily News
“Fort Indiantown Gap to host dramatic reading of Sophocles’ Ajax”
by Brad Rhen

“158th Infantry Brigade presentation of Theater of War”
by Ryan Moore

Daily Press
“Newport News native’s ‘Theater of War’ performance prompts discussion on mental toll of military combat”
by Ryan Murphy

Daily Press
“Newport News native on mission to reach the battle-scarred through play”
by Hugh Lessig

Theater of War Press

“Theater of War program draws on ancient greek drama to heal war trauma”
by Christina Sanoudou

89.3 KPCC
“Performances of Greek tragedies help heal the invisible wounds of war”
by Alex Cohen and A Martinez

Morning Joe
“Using theater to help combat PTSD”
hosted by Joe Scarborough

“Actor David Strathairn & Bryan Doerries LIVE”
hosted by Alyona Minkovski

Fay Observer
“Program uses Greek tragedy to address military mental health issues”
by Rodger Mullen

Montgomery Advertiser
“Dramatic readings performance relates wounds of war”
by Allison Griffin

Yahoo! News
“Ancient warrior myths help veterans fight PTSD”
by Liz Goodwin

Belvoir Eagle
“‘Theater of War’ informs Soldiers they are not alone”
by Justin Creech

Portland Daily Sun
“How Sophocles speaks to our troops”
by Telly Halkias

Fort Lee Traveller
“Play focuses on war-fighters”
by T. Anthony Bell

Vassar Hub
“Theater of War: Returning Home”
by Debbie Swartz

The Vassar College Miscellany News
“Greek tragedy humanizes warfare”
by Victoria Youngblood and Chris Gonzalez

Bangor Daily News
“Television stars to perform in Portland to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder”
by Ben McCanna

Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly
“Theater of War: Sophocles’ Ajax at Vassar this Sunday”
by Lynn Woods

WAMC: Northeast Public Radio
“Theater of War at Vassar College on 11/3″
by Sarah LaDuke

Army Flier
“Theater promotes anti-suicide discussion”
by Sara E. Martin

“Tragedies Help Communities Heal from Timeless Wounds”
by Bryan Doerries

The Daily Beast
“Jake Gyllenhaal and More Actors Stand Up for Vet Awareness”
by Alyse Walsh

Bangor Daily News: Catching Health
“Theater of War”
by Diane Atwood

WCSH 6 News Portland
Oscar nominee helps veterans re-integrate with ease”
by Samantha Edwards

Fox 22/ABC 7 News Bangor
“David Strathairn, an Academy Award Nominee, Makes Appearance at UMaine”
by Karina Bolster

Bowdoin Orient
“Theater of War Comes alive at Bowdoin through voice of ‘Girls” Star Adam Driver”
by Kate Witteman

Lexington Herald Leader
“Theater of War presentation helps veterans, others focus on healing”
by Rich Copley

Stars and Stripes
“Tragedy of Ancient Warrior spurs suicide discussion”
by Charlie Reed

Art Works Podcast: The official blog of the NEA
“Theater of War: Bryan Doerries”
by Josephine Reed

NEA Arts Magazine
“Theater of War” & “Art Works Podcast”
by Josephine Reed

American Theatre
“Ajax in Guantanamo”
by Bryce Pinkham

Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program, Winter Newsletter 2011-2012
“Partnering with Theater of War to Fight Stigma and Reach Student Veterans”

Minnesota Public Radio
“Ten Thousand Things treats the wounds of modern war with the classics”
by Euan Kerr

Lowell Sun
“Theater of War at MCC brings war ravages home”
a Sun Staff report

San Francisco Chronicle
“Theater of War relates Iraq to Ancient Greeks”
by Chad Jones

Albany Times-Union
“Actor finds life lessons in new role”
by Dennis Yusko

Troy Record
“Eisenberg brings Theater of War to Albany”
by Danielle Sanzone

The Saratogian
“An act of war: Theater of War performance with star Jesse Eisenberg, a comfort to veterans”
by Paul Post

PopTech Blog
“Bryan Doerries conducts the Theater of War”
by Michelle Riggen-Ransom

“Interview: Theater of War”
by Amy R. Cohen and Brett M. Rogers

Philadelphia Daily Record
“Penn Museum Show Portrays Wars of Long Ago”
by Bonnie Squires

The Journal of Dramaturgy
“Theater of War: A New Incarnation of an Ancient Ritual”
by Heidi Nelson

The London Sunday Times
“US Calls up Sophocles to Fight Combat Stress”
by Christina Lamb

Military Officers Association of America
“Theater of War”
by Christina Wood

WNYC: The Leonard Lopate Show
“Theater of War”
Interview with Bryan Doerries & Bill Irwin
“Ancient Plays Provide Forum for Tough Topics”
by Justin L. Ailes, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Public Affairs

Improbable Fictions
“Hearing the Human: Empathetic Listening and Theater of War’s Ajax”
by Nicholas Helms

On Campus, Columbia University
“Theater of War: Ancient Words, Modern Wounds”

Mail Tribune
“Healing on Stage”
by Paul Fattig

Positive News
“Ancient Greek plays help modern-day combat veterans express their feelings”
by Ruth Robertson

Jefferson Public Radio
“Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Theater of War team up to help veterans come home”
hosted by Geoffry Riley

CBS Philadelphia, KYW Newsradio
“Theater of War Performance Today at Penn Museum”
by Karin Phillips

Newsworks, WHYY
“In time of war, ‘Ajax’ resounds with modern audiences”
by Peter Cimmins

The Guide, American Repertory Theater
“Theater of War”
by Bryan Doerries

University of California – Irvine
“Healing the Wounds of War”
by Kathryn Bold

Daily Local News
“Panel discusses ages-old ideas about war”
by Katrina Dix

The Epoch Times
“Theater of War, Ancient Remedy for Modern Post-Combat”
by Masha Savitz

Word of Mouth, New Hampshire Public Radio
“Theater of War”
by Virginia Prescott

The Washington Post
“Theater of War at Woolly Mammoth: A fighting change to grasp battle’s aftermath”
by Nelson Pressley

Naval Medical Center News
“NMCSD Hosts Theater of War to Assist Military and Family Members Address the Psychological Impact of War”
from Naval Medical Center San Diego Public Affairs

Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System, News
“Ancient Warriors speak to troops through Greek play”
by Cpl. Andrew S. Avitt

KUSI News San Diego
“Staging war on PTSD”
by John Soderman

The Press-Enterprise
“Theater performance opens discussion of post-trauma stress”
by Mark Muckenfuss

WHQR – Public Radio
“Ancient Greek Play Sparks Discussion, Healing Among Camp Lejeune Marines”
by Michelle Bliss

Jacksonville Daily News
“Lejeune Marines get briefed by 2,500-year-old General”
by Hope Hodge

Wisconsin Public Radio – Here on Earth
“Theater of War”
Bryan Doerries & Phyllis Kaufman are Interviewed by Jean Feraca

Los Angeles Times
“Greek classic resonates at Camp Pendleton”
by Tony Perry

Schreiver Sentinel
“Theater project part performance, part town hall meeting”
by Scott Prater

Colorado Springs Gazette
“Sophocles’ wisdom rings true for today’s warriors”
by Lance Benzel

ART WORKS, National Endowment for the Arts
“Theater of War”
by Adam Green

ART WORKS, National Endowment for the Arts
“Theater of War: Q & A with Bryan Doerries”

Air Force Space Command
“Ancient Greeks still have something to teach about war”
by Monica Mendoza

“Military Staging: Theater of War performs the classics for returning service members and their families”
by Simi Horwitz

The Washington Post
“Answering the call to help our soldiers heal”
by Bryan Doerries

“Project aims to connect with troops through tales of ancient warriors.”
by Seth Robbins

BBC Radio
“Greek Tragedies Help American Troops Cope with PTSD”
by Paul Adams

The Columbia Record
“Group Uses Performance to Explore Effects of War”
by Nick Obourn

Daily News
“(Really) old war stories click with vets: Moved by ancient Greeks in Brooklyn play”
by Elizabeth Lazarowitz

The Honolulu Advertiser
“Actors Declaim Sophocles’ Plays at Theater of War”
by William Cole

The Daily Press
“To Heal Combat Trauma, the military looks back 2500 years” (Female Warrior Program)
by Hugh Lessig

Savannah Morning News
“Theater of War shares Greek tales with themes as old as war”
by Pamela E. Walk

Psychiatric News
“Homer’s War Experiences Resonate with Today’s Troops”
by Aaron Levin

Theatre of War Brings Greek Drama to Camp Pendleton”
by Alison St. John

San Diego Union-Tribune
“The play’s the thing for soldiers’ suffering”
by Keith Darce

PBS Newshour
“Away from Battle, Soldiers Find Relief in Theater of War
by Jeffrey Brown

American Forces Press Service
“Ancient Greek Tales of War Evoke Modern Catharses”
by John J. Kruzel

The New York Times
“The Anguish of War for Today’s Soldiers, Explored by Sophocles”
by Patrick Healy

The New Yorker
“Tragedies: Ancient and Contemporary”
Posted by Rollo Romig

1st Infantry Division Post
“Theater of War to Play in Junction City”
by Anna Morelock

Daily Progress
“Theater of War @ UVA explores the price that military service can demand”
by Mary Alice Blackwell

“The Philoctetes Project”
by Peter Meineck

The Washington Times
“Winning the Soldier’s Heart”
by Marie Claire Kendall

The Washington Times
“Plays Show Mental Toll on Troops”
by Charles C. Engel

USA Today
“Stressed Troops Take Cues from Ancient Plays”
by Martha T. Moore

US Department of Defense
“The Philoctetes Project”
Military Health Service Media Room

The Atlantic
“Tragic Heroes”
by Brian Mokenhaupt

Stars and Stripes
“Pentagon Hopes Stories Help Troops with PTSD”
by Jeff Schogol

Brian Lehrer Show
“Theater of War”

Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin
“Ancient Empathy for Warriors”
by Dennis Fiely

“In Ancient Dramas, Vital Words for Today’s Warriors”
by Elizabeth Blair

The Washington Times
“Military Marches Toward Mental Health”
by Ann Geracimos

New York Times
“Like War Itself, Effects of War are Hell. Ask the Greeks.”
by Clyde Haberman

Associated Press
“Marines Turn to Greek Plays to Cope with Stress”
by Chelsea Carter

LA Times
“Ancient Greek Plays Resonate with Marines”
by Tony Perry

LA Weekly
“Ajax and Philoctetes in San Diego: The U.S. Marine Corps Discovers the Greeks.”
by Steven Leigh Morris

The New York Times
“The Difficult Patient, a Problem Old as History (or Older)”
by Abigail Zuger

Phi Beta Kappa Key Reporter
“About the Philoctetes Project” (PDF download- 652KB)
Spring 2008

Register Star
“War’s Forgotten Wounded Topic of Greek Play” (PDF download- 668KB)
Hudson, NY