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Press Highlights

Theater of War Productions

The New York Times
“Antigone in Ferguson”
Will Come to Harlem Stage This Fall
by Andrew R. Chow

Smithsonian Magazine
The Healing Power of Greek Tragedy
by Jeff MacGregor

Antigone in Ferguson: Dramatizing the Divide between Law Enforcement and the Community
by Jonathan Mandell

The New York Times
Manhattan’s District Attorney vs. Aeschylus
by Rosa Goldensohn

The Daily Beast
‘Antigone in Ferguson’: A Modern Tragedy Is Now A Greek Tragedy
by David Freedlander

On a Brooklyn Playground, Connecting Antigone and Michael Brown
by Jillian Steinhauer

Antigone in Ferguson: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (Performance Video)

The New York Times: Op Docs
U.S. Veterans Use Greek Tragedy to Tell Us About War
by Bruce Headlam

The Telegraph
Army turns to Greek tragedy to help troops open up about PTSD
by Ben Farmer

The Huffington Post
Samira Wiley Reenacts MLK Speech, Defends Art as a Form of Resistance
by Zahara Hill

A Timely Performance of MLK’s Final Sermon Takes Viewers to Church
by Seph Rodney

San Francisco Chronicle
‘Hercules in the Bayview’ prompts tearful, earnest discussion
by Brandon Yu

The New Yorker Radio Hour
What the Ancient Greeks Can Teach Us about the Realities of War
by Robin Wright

AM New York
A reading of “Ajax” wants to use Greek tragedy to stop gun violence
by Mark Chiusano

WNYC’s The Greene Space (Video)
Theater of War: Ajax & Philoctetes
with Reg E. Cathey, Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, and Kathryn Erbe

The New York Times
Theater of War Director Named New York City Artist in Residence
by Jennifer Schuessler

City Paper
“What About Justice? Paul Giamatti and Sonja Sohn star in ‘Antigone in Ferguson’ at Coppin
by Maura Callahan

The New Humanist
“Can Ancient Greek Drama Help to Heal Trauma?”
by Matthew Green

“Antigone in Ferguson Comes to Baltimore”
by Sheilah Kast & Andrea Appleton

Onassis Festival NY – Antigone Now
“Antigone in Ferguson”
(Full Performance Video)

The New York Times
“In Brooklyn, Hercules’ Battles Inspire Talk on Gun Violence”
by Jennifer Schuessler

The New Yorker
“The Theater of War: Sophocles’ Message for American Veterans”
by Robin Wright

PBS Newshour
“A Play that Speaks to Ferguson’s Tragedy and lets the audience speak back”
by Jeffrey Brown

“Missouri Theater Embraces Ferguson Echoes in Antigone Production”
by Willis Ryder Arnold

Harper’s Magazine
“You Are Not Alone Across Time: Using Sophocles to Treat PTSD”
by Wyatt Mason

The 92nd Street Y: Forum on Law, Culture & Society (Video)
“The Redemptive Power of Ancient Stories: Readings and Discussion with Paul Giamatti, David Strathairn, and Bryan Doerries”
led by Thane Rosenbuam

The Aspen Institute
“Theater of War: Battling PTSD and Sophocles”
interview with Maurice Decaul

“Storytelling After the Storm”
by Beth Cohen

How To Be Amazing
“#32: Memorial Day Special: Bryan Doerries”
with Michael Ian Black

The Guardian
“Women in Crisis: What Medea and Phaedra Can Teach Us About Mental Illness”
by Violaine Huisman

The Huffington Post
“Theater of War–And Everything Else”
by Thane Rosenbaum

The Theater of War (Knopf)

The New York Times: Science Times
“The Theater of War: Applying Greek Tragedies to Our Own.”
by Abigail Zuger, M.D.

The New York Times: 2015 Holiday Gift Guide
“The Theater of War: What Ancient Greek Tragedies Can Teach Us Today”
by Charles Isherwood

The New York Times: Sunday Book Review
“The Theater of War, by Bryan Doerries.”
by James Shapiro

PBS NewsHour
“Bryan Doerries Interview – 2015 Miami Book Fair”
by Jeffrey Brown

Harper’s Magazine
“Permission to Speak Frankly”
by Wyatt Mason

The Guardian
“Sophocles and Awe: the director hitting war vets with Greek tragedy”
by Sukhdev Sandu

The Guardian
“When people see their own struggles reflected in ancient stories, something powerful happens”
by Bryan Doerries

American Theatre
“Bryan Doerries and KJ Sanches, Mediators and Resensitizers”
by Rob Weinert-Kendt

BBC Radio 4: Front Row
“Theatre of War & PTSD”

BBC Radio Scotland: The Janice Forsyth Show
“Jason Isaacs talks about the Theater of War Project”

The Boston Globe
“The Theater of War by Bryan Doerries”
by Nick Romeo

“The Theater of War: What Ancient Greek Tragedies Can Teach Us Today”
by Joe Donahue

CBC Radio: The Current
“Using Greek Tragedies to Help Veterans Open Up About Battlefield Trauma and Guilt”
interview with Anna Maria Tremonti

The Daily Beast
“Sophocles in the Age of PTSD”
by James Romm

Entertainment Weekly
Theater of War author Bryan Doerries explains how he makes Greek tragedies relevant to vulnerable audiences”
by Christian Holub

“How Greek Tragedies Can Help Veterans Deal with PTSD.”
by Colby Buzzell

Los Angeles Times
“Theater of War Evokes Eternal Truths of the Battlefield in Reading by David Strathairn, Alfred Molina, and Heather Goldenhersh”
by Jeffrey Fleishman

“Actors us classic Greek tragedies to connect with modern-day warriors”
by John Ismay

“In Conversation: Matthew Green and Bryan Doerries”
interview with Matthew Green and Bryan Doerries

“Book Discussion on The Theater of War: Miami Book Fair”
with Paul Giamatti, David Strathairn, and Bryan Doerries

C-SPAN: Washington Journal
“Veterans’ Mental Health and Theater”
with Paul Giamatti and Bryan Doerries

“Book Discussion on The Theater of War: Book Expo of America”

“Panel Discussion on Veterans”
with Bryan Doerries, Joe Klein, and Lisa Mullins

The Weekly Standard
“Classic Lessons: How Greek drama speaks to modern-day heroes.”
by Blake Seitz

The Miami Herald
“A Classicist Turns to Greek Drama to Heal the Hell of War”
by Christine Dolen

Huffington Post
“The Words After War Interview with Bryan Doerries”
by Phil Klay

The Observer
“How the Secrets of the Ancient Greeks Can Heal our Wounded Warriors”
by Bryan Doerries

WNYC: The Leonard Lopate Show
“What the Ancient Greeks Understood about the Modern Soldier”

The Scotsman
“A US theatre project that helps war veterans”
by Joyce McMillan

The Australian
“Bryan Doerries’ Theater of War Links Ancient, Modern Tragedies”
by Andrew Fuhrmann

The Syndey Morning Herald
“The Theatre of War by Bryan Doerries: How tragedy can do you good”
by Peter Craven

The Wichita Eagle
“How Ancient Greek Tragedies Help Those Who Have Suffered Trauma and Loss”
by Peter Craven

The New Statesman
“Books of the Year: The Essential NS Reading List”
by Margaret Atwood

The American Scholar
“The Wisdom of the Ages: Looking to the classics to steel yourself against life’s cruelties”
by Andrew J. Bacevich

War, Literature, and the Arts
“Bryan Doerries Discusses The Theater of War & the Palliative of Shared Suffering”
by Thomas G. McGuire

The Independent
“Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs joins ‘extraordinary’ project using Greek plays to help veterans”
by Nick Clark

“Staging Greek Trauma: A Review of The Theater of War: What Ancient Greek Tragedies Can Teach Us Today”
by Johanna Hanink

ABC Radio
“Theatre of War by Bryan Doerries”

Theater of War

“Bryan Doerries’ Theater of War”

Morning Joe
“Using theater to help combat PTSD”
hosted by Joe Scarborough

“Actor David Strathairn & Bryan Doerries LIVE”
hosted by Alyona Minkovski

WAMC: Northeast Public Radio

“Theater of War at Vassar College on 11/3″

by Sarah LaDuke

NEA Arts Magazine
“Theater of War”
by Josephine Reed

Stars and Stripes
“Tragedy of Ancient Warrior spurs suicide discussion”
by Charlie Reed

American Theatre
“Ajax in Guantanamo”
by Bryce Pinkham

The London Sunday Times
“US Calls up Sophocles to Fight Combat Stress”
by Christina Lamb

PBS Newshour
“Away from Battle, Soldiers Find Relief in Theater of War”
by Jeffrey Brown

The New York Times
“The Anguish of War for Today’s Soldiers, Explored by Sophocles”
by Patrick Healy

The Washington Post
“Answering the call to help our soldiers heal”
by Bryan Doerries

The Washington Post
“Theater of War at Woolly Mammoth: A fighting change to grasp battle’s aftermath”
by Nelson Pressley

“In Ancient Dramas, Vital Words for Today’s Warriors”
by Elizabeth Blair

Los Angeles Times
“Greek classic resonates at Camp Pendleton”
by Tony Perry

The Atlantic
“Tragic Heroes”
by Brian Mokenhaupt

USA Today
“Stressed Troops Take Cues from Ancient Plays”
by Martha T. Moore

Associated Press
“Marines Turn to Greek Plays to Cope with Stress”
by Chelsea Carter

Rum and Vodka
“Theater of War Visits the USS George Washington”

Camp Lejeune Globe
“Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Adds Twist to Substance Abust Training with Rum and Vodka”
by Anna Hancock

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
“Rum and Vodka Boosts Awareness”
by Lance Cpl. Sarah Wolff-Daiz

Quantico Sentry
“Stand down uses Rum and Vodka to elevate alcohol awareness”
by Mike DiCicco

DVIDS – News
“Rum and Vodka, a taste of what can happen”
by Pfc. David Walters

Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System
“Third Army presents Awareness and Prevention Programs”
by Sgt. Josh Holt
“Rum and Vodka production combats abuse”
by Nathan Pfau


One Theater Group Tackles the Narrative of Sexual Assault”
by Sarah Schneider

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Theater Troupe looks to bring ‘shared discomfort’ to Pitt Performance”
by Maria Sciullo

US Army Central
“Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable”
by Sgt. Tracy R. Myers 

Book of Job

The Mississippi Press
“‘Book of Job’ performance in Pascagoula gets residents to open up about Katrina struggles”
by April M. Havens

Public Seminar
“The Book of Job as Community Theater”
by Mark Larrimore

Canarsie Courier
“Sandy Survivors Take The Stage”
by Jonathan Gies

DNAinfo New York
“Actors Read Biblical Book of Job to Commemorate Sandy Devastation” 
by Nikhita Venugopal

“Who cuts a path for the storm?”
by Emily Belz

The Jewish Daily Forward
“Telling Story of Job at Sandy-Ravaged Synagogue in Rockaways”
by Anna Goldenberg

“Wrestling, Job-Like, With Meaning After Sandy”
by Jim O’Grady

“Stars read Book of Job at synagogue destroyed by Hurricane Sandy”
by Debra Nussbaum Cohen

The Wave
“Timeless Story Comes to Rockaway”

The Joplin Globe
“Actors Bring Book of Job to Life for Joplin Audiences”
by Scott Meeker

The Joplin Globe
“Dramatic Reading will bring big-name actors to Joplin”
by Scott Meeker

Domestic Violence Project: A Streetcar Named Desire

Bangor Daily News: Catching Health
“A Streetcar Named Desire: Let’s Talk About Domestic Violence”
by Diane Atwood

Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal
Disturbing drama brings domestic violence to life
by Bonnie Washuk

The Dionysus Project

Harper’s Magazine

You are Not Alone Across Time: Using Sophocles to Treat PTSD

by Wyatt Mason

The Daily Bruin
“Bacchae reinvented: Group uses Greek tragedy to spark discussion on substance abuse”
by Colin Reid

End of Life

The Boston Globe
“Screams from Greek stage aim for doctors’ hearts”
by Patrick G. Lee

The Boston Herald
“Theater of the Mind, Heart and Spirit”
by Peter Gelzinis

Prometheus in Prison

The Daily Record
“Hollywood filmmaker brings ancient Greek play to unique audience…inmates at high security prison”
by Stephen Stewart

Chicago Sun-Times
“Lots of innovation goes into housing inmates”
by Neil Steinberg

Addiction Performance Project: Long Day’s Journey into Night

Internal Medicine News
“Play Sheds Light on Addiction, Encourages Physicians to Screen Patients”
by Naseem S. Miller